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Step In/On Snowboard Bindings

This season, elevate your snowboarding experience. Burton, K2, Nidecker, and Flow are not just brands; they're pioneers in pushing the boundaries of snowboarding technology. Visit our shop today to witness the future of snowboarding and experience the flawless connection between rider, board, and mountain. Welcome to the high-tech evolution of snowboarding, where precision meets passion on the snow.

Burton Step On

Burton's Step On bindings are a masterpiece of simplicity and performance. The key technology is the double-shot highback, engineered for precision and instant power transmission. It allows for a seamless connection between your boot and the board, ensuring efficient energy transfer in every carve and jump. Plus, the secure and intuitive three-point connection system offers unmatched convenience without compromising on safety.

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Nidecker Supermatic

Nidecker Supermatic bindings are a testament to functional precision. This is the first universal, dual-entry, automatic binding, with an offering of efficiency you need for advanced performance. These bindings are all about reliability and straightforward functionality.

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Flow Step In

Flow Step In bindings are at the forefront of innovation and efficiency. The Fusion PowerStrap combines the simplicity of a strap with the performance of a highback, offering a secure and comfortable fit. The Power Triangle cable technology further enhances your control, ensuring your board responds to your every move with precision and speed.

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K2 Clickers

K2 Clicker bindings are engineered for speed and ease. The click-in system is powered by an integrated boot-to-binding interface, ensuring direct energy transmission. The Triple Ocelot strap provides a secure and precise fit, enhancing your control on the mountain. These bindings are all about reducing hassle and increasing your time on the snow.

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