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  • 2025 CAPiTA Sneak Peek

    2025 CAPiTA Sneak Peek

    Discover the future on the slopes with CAPiTA Snowboards. This is not just a sneak peek; it's a glimpse into the next frontier of snowboarding excellence. 

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  • Sims Snowboard Tech

    Sims Snowboard Tech

    Camber Profiles Traditional Camber is a single convex arc between the board’s contact points ensures predictable edge hold, load, and rebound as pressure is exerted and expelled throughout the rider’s turn. Transform Camber combines the best of both flat and traditional...

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  • New Drop: Sims Snowboards

    New Drop: Sims Snowboards

    Unleash the power of cutting-edge snowboard tech with Sims, a brand that stands at the forefront of snowboard innovation. Dive into the world of carbon, bamboo, and Snake Bite, and experience a new dimension of riding with the one and...

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  • New Drop: GNU/Lib Tech/Roxy Snowboards

    New Drop: GNU/Lib Tech/Roxy Snowboards

    Explore the freshest additions at Ski Pro available in-store or online now! We're thrilled to introduce some new Mervin snowboard models for 2024. As the umbrella for GNU, Roxy, and Lib Tech, Mervin delivers top-notch designs and features that any snowboard...

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  • Vans 2023 Re-Stock

    Vans 2023 Re-Stock

    Check out this exciting restock of Vans Snowboard Boots, featuring snowboard boot models never before offered by us. Discover the perfect blend of style and performance, and even some sought-after previous season models making a comeback.

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  • Nidecker Cyan Supermatics 2025 Coming Soon...

    Nidecker Cyan Supermatics 2025 Coming Soon...

    CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE NEW CYAN SUPERMATICS - SHIPPING END OF FEBRUARY. The Nidecker Supermatic Snowboard Bindings change the game with a revolutionary drop-in design that makes it easier than ever to get going. The all-new configuration combines traditional straps...

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  • New Drop: Nitro Snowboards 2024

    New Drop: Nitro Snowboards 2024

    Check out the latest arrivals at Ski Pro or online today, as we bring in four exciting new Nitro snowboard models for 2024. Don't miss the chance to discover cutting-edge designs and performance-enhancing features.

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