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  • Sims Snowboard Tech

    Sims Snowboard Tech

    Camber Profiles Traditional Camber is a single convex arc between the board’s contact points ensures predictable edge hold, load, and rebound as pressure is exerted and expelled throughout the rider’s turn. Transform Camber combines the best of both flat and traditional...

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  • Spyder Technology Highlights

    Spyder Technology Highlights

    GORE-TEX Spyder's outerwear garments engineered with original GORE-TEX fabric are durably waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Over 9 billion pores per square inch in the extremely thin membrane make it waterproof and windproof. 360º stretch nylon outer material laminate enhances durability...

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  • Snowboard Tech: Magne-Traction

    Snowboard Tech: Magne-Traction

    Introducing Magne-Traction®, the game-changing technology that transforms your experience with unparalleled confidence. Unlike a traditional edge with only two points of contact, Magne-Traction® boasts seven points, akin to the difference between a serrated knife and a butter knife. The result?...

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  • Video: Triple Camber Deep Dive

    Video: Triple Camber Deep Dive

    Never Summer's exclusive Triple Camber innovation within the Rocker Camber profile introduces a dynamic center camber area strategically integrated. The Rocker Camber profile as a whole preserves the board's lively and playful attributes, while the central camber delivers focused power...

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  • 686 Thermagraph Technology

    686 Thermagraph Technology

    Say goodbye to the dilemma of being too cold or too hot with 686's Thermagraph® technology. An exclusive innovation from 686, Thermagraph® is a game-changer in winter apparel. This technology involves strategic body-mapped insulation and breathability, ensuring that you stay...

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  • Step In/On Snowboard Bindings

    Step In/On Snowboard Bindings

    This season, elevate your snowboarding experience. Burton, K2, Nidecker, and Flow are not just brands; they're pioneers in pushing the boundaries of snowboarding technology. Visit our shop today to witness the future of snowboarding and experience the flawless connection between...

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  • Salomon Snowboards Quick Review

    Salomon Snowboards Quick Review

    Salomon's commitment to innovation and precision shines through in their diverse range of snowboards, designed to cater to riders of all levels and styles. Salomon Technology Quadratic Sidecut: Found in Salomon's all-mountain and powder boards, the Quadratic Sidecut optimizes your turns ensuring...

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  • Waterproof Technology: Dryflight

    Waterproof Technology: Dryflight

    Roxy's Dryflight technology is a range of breathable and durable waterproofing solutions designed to keep you dry at all times. Whether you're exploring the mountains or strolling through the city, Roxy Dryflight ensures that you're prepared for any weather challenge that...

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  • Anon M4 Goggles

    Anon M4 Goggles

    A fan favorite among snowsports enthusiasts for several compelling reasons. These goggles offer exceptional clarity, comfort, and style for any type of rider. Let's break down some of their standout features they bring to the table! Looking for our selection...

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