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Salomon Snowboards Quick Review

Salomon's commitment to innovation and precision shines through in their diverse range of snowboards, designed to cater to riders of all levels and styles.

Salomon Technology

  • Quadratic Sidecut: Found in Salomon's all-mountain and powder boards, the Quadratic Sidecut optimizes your turns ensuring you effortlessly navigate the mountain's twists and turns.

  • Ghost Green Core: This lightweight, responsive core technology can be found in Salomon's high-performance boards giving you extra power and precision with every move.

  • Popster Eco Booster: Found in Salomon's freestyle boards, Popster Eco Booster is like adding a supercharger to your board's pop. It's there to give you that extra oomph when you need it for jumps and tricks.

Beginner-Friendly Choices

Boards: Salomon Sight, Salomon Pulse, Lotus, Oh Yeah

  • Learn with Confidence: Beginner-friendly boards are the training wheels of snowboarding. They offer stability and control, like having a safety net as you learn to balance and ride.

  • Progress at Your Pace: These boards help guide you into progression. They provide a gentle learning curve, letting you build your skills step by step, much like mastering the basics of physics.

  • Budget-Friendly: Think of these boards as the affordable entry ticket to the world of snowboarding, offering a high-quality experience without breaking the bank.


Boards: Salomon Assassin, Salomon Ultimate Ride, Salomon Sight, Salomon HPS

  • Versatile Performance: These all-mountain boards harness Salomon's Quadratic Sidecut for agility. They're like the SUVs of the mountain, offering the versatility to handle groomed runs like a luxury sedan and backcountry terrain like a rugged off-road vehicle. 

  • Precise Control: They allow you to feel the terrain under your feet and navigate with finesse.

  • All-Terrain Fun: They're your reliable companions, capable of handling groomers, moguls, and even powder fields.


Boards: Salomon Villain, Salomon Huck Knife, Salomon Pulse

  • Freestyle Focus: Popster Eco Booster technology delivers the pop and responsiveness required to elevate your freestyle game. Park boards are like skateboards on snow. With a medium flex, they give you the freedom to pop ollies, carve like you're on a wave, and unleash your inner trickster. 

  • Progressive Performance: These boards are your training wheels and launchpad combined. If snowboarding were a science experiment, park boards would be your lab, letting you explore new tricks and techniques.

  • Rail and Jump Ready: Park boards are akin to trampolines. They bounce back with energy and are forgiving, allowing you to perfect your jumps, rails, and spins.


Salomon Dancehaul HPS, Salomon HPS Taka x Wolle

  • Powder Mastery: They keep you on top of the fluffiest snow with effortless ease.

  • Backcountry Bliss: In the world of snowboarding, these boards are your off-road vehicles, ready to tackle deep powder and backcountry terrain with finesse and control.

  • Surf-Inspired Shape: Riding powder with these boards is like surfing a giant wave. They have a surfboard-like shape, allowing you to carve through the snow in style.

Advanced Performance

Salomon Ultimate Ride, Salomon HPS Taka x Wolle, Salomon Huck Knife Pro

  • Top-Tier Performance: They are designed to push your limits and deliver the highest level of performance, much like pushing the boundaries of physics. Salomon's Ghost Green Core and Quadratic Sidecut ensure you're at the cutting edge of snowboarding.

  • Push Your Limits: They encourage you to test your skills, try new techniques, and conquer any terrain or condition.

  • High-End Technology: These boards feature advanced tech for ultimate control, performance, and exploration.

Shop our collection of Salomon Snowboards

Salomon snowboards are more than just equipment; they are a fusion of technology, design, and passion. They empower riders to explore the snowy canvas of the mountains with confidence, precision, and style. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider, Salomon has a board for you.

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