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  • Top 5 Armada Skis

    Top 5 Armada Skis

    ARV 94 Meet the jack-of-all-trades, master of fun. The ARV 94 is balanced to excel when buttering and pressing with plenty of stability and pop to confidently send it on the pro line. The Poplar Core, Ash binding insert and...

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  • Entry Level Snowboard Boots

    Entry Level Snowboard Boots

    Remember, every great snowboarder started as a beginner. The right pair of beginner boots ensures that you have a solid foundation to learn and grow in the sport. As you gain experience and refine your style, you can explore more...

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  • Salomon Snowboards Quick Review

    Salomon Snowboards Quick Review

    Salomon's commitment to innovation and precision shines through in their diverse range of snowboards, designed to cater to riders of all levels and styles. Salomon Technology Quadratic Sidecut: Found in Salomon's all-mountain and powder boards, the Quadratic Sidecut optimizes your turns ensuring...

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  • How To Choose Skis

    How To Choose Skis

    Height, weight, terrain, skill level, riding style, and personal preference all play in a role in finding the perfect ski. Generally, your height and weight may determine a good size range of ski you'll fit into, and then other factors...

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  • Bataleon Snowboards 3BT

    Bataleon Snowboards 3BT

    Bataleon Snowboards, a name synonymous with innovation and quality in the snowboarding world, offers a game-changing technology known as 3BT Base, designed to cater to the needs of riders of all skill levels. In this post we’ll delve into the...

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  • Waterproof Technology: 5K & 10K

    Waterproof Technology: 5K & 10K

    Each rating level offers a different level of protection and comfort in varying weather conditions. 5k Waterproofing A 5k waterproof rating signifies a material's ability to withstand the pressure of a 5,000mm water column before letting moisture in. While 5k...

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  • How To Choose Snowboard Boots

    How To Choose Snowboard Boots

    Flex is one main factor in selecting a snowboard boot for you. Stiff boots generally provide support for instant response, aggressive riding styles, and heavy landings. A soft snowboard boot feature more pliable materials allowing the snowboard boot to flex...

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  • How To Choose Snowboard Bindings

    How To Choose Snowboard Bindings

    There are two kinds of snowboard bindings - Soft and Stiff. The softer snowboard bindings are aimed at beginners and freestyle riders - this allows you to tweak out tricks for more style, or shift your weight while riding rails....

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  • How To Choose A Snowboard

    How To Choose A Snowboard

    Snowboards can be specific to powder, all-mountain, or park. If you are a first time buyer of a snowboard, you will most likely be shopping for an all-mountain snowboard. If you are looking to learn new tricks, shop freestyle snowboards....

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