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BlackStrap Fabrics & Tech

In the ever-evolving world of outdoor and active lifestyle wear, one brand that stands out is BlackStrap. Known for its commitment to quality, performance, and style, BlackStrap has garnered a devoted following of outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and adventurers.

Technical Fabrics

  • TREO: BlackStrap's Lightweight Marvel

    • TREO, a cornerstone in BlackStrap's fabric technology, is a remarkable synthetic blend. It offers 4-Way Stretch, Quick-Dry, and Odor-Free attributes. Highly Abrasion-Resistant, it ensures durability with a Soft-Touch next-to-skin feel. TREO is also Machine Washer and Dryer Safe, Moisture-Wicking, Lens-Safe, and features SpectraUV (UPF 50+).
  • EXTEN: The Versatile Performer

    • EXTEN is a versatile brushed 4-Way Stretch fabric, thoughtfully constructed by BlackStrap. It provides Breathability, Quick-Dry capabilities, and Thermal-Regulation for temperature control. With a Soft-Touch next-to-skin feel, Lens-Safe features, and Odor-Free properties, EXTEN ensures you're comfortable in any activity. It's also Machine Washer and Dryer Safe and boasts SpectraUV (UPF 50+) for sun protection.
  • VERSA: The Midweight Champion

    • VERSA raises the industry standard for technical Midweight perfection. It features Breathability, Moisture-Wicking, and 4-Way Stretch for maneuverability. Quick-Dry and Odor-Free properties ensure freshness. VERSA is specially designed for maximum Thermal-Regulation, with a Soft-Touch next-to-skin feel, Abrasion-Resistance, and Lens-Safe features. It's Machine Washer and Dryer Safe and has SpectraUV (UPF 50+).
  • THERMA: Conquer the Polar Vortex

    • THERMA is a sub-zero annihilator, offering 4-Way Stretch, Quick-Dry capabilities, and Thermal-Regulation for warmth. Its Soft-Touch next-to-skin feel guarantees comfort, and it's Machine Washer and Dryer Safe. With Moisture-Wicking, Lens-Safe features, SpectraUV (UPF 50+), and Odor-Free properties, THERMA is your winter companion.
  • PERFA: Precision and Breathability

    • PERFA is a highly Breathable, technical 4-Way Stretch mesh with ultimate movability, Odor-Free properties, and Moisture-Wicking. It ensures Thermal-Regulation for comfort. Machine Washer and Dryer Safe, Lens-Safe, Quick-Dry, and SpectraUV (UPF 50+) make PERFA perfect for extended adventures.
  • SUNSOFT: Sun Protection and Comfort

    • SUNSOFT combines performance and comfort with a Soft-Touch next-to-skin feel, 4-Way stretch, and SpectraUV (UPF 50+) for sun protection. It features Quick-Dry and active cooling technology for hot summer days. With Odor-Free properties, Chlorine-Salt Resistance, Lens-Safe features, and Machine Washer and Dryer Safe, SUNSOFT is ideal for summer adventures.

Function Highlights

  • Dri-Flo: Moisture-Wicking for Optimal Comfort

    • BlackStrap's Dri-Flo system ensures sweat evaporates from your skin, preventing discomfort and enabling optimal temperature regulation.
  • Hydra: Evaporative Cooling Technology

    • Applicable to SunSoft and PERFA fabrics, this technology allows you to wet the product, initiating cooling. Heat absorption cools your temperature, optimizing performance.
  • Ventra: Strategic Air Movement

    • Ventra technology, placed in critical areas of BlackStrap garments, allows air movement where your body sweats the most. It effectively Moisture-Wicks to keep your temperature regulated for extended activity.
  • Exo-Hinge: Mobility and Ergonomics

    • The Exo-Hinge technology, featured in BlackStrap balaclavas, ensures maximum mobility and ergonomics, without compromising fit and performance.
  • SpectraUV: Unmatched UV Protection

    • All BlackStrap fabrics are tested to ensure the highest UV protection, with a rating of 98% UV Protection (UPF 50+), as per Solar Light Company standards.

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