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all new spring markdowns! Click here.

2025 CAPiTA Sneak Peek

Discover the future on the slopes with CAPiTA Snowboards. This is not just a sneak peek; it's a glimpse into the next frontier of snowboarding excellence. 

D.O.A. 2025 D.O.A. WIDE 2025 Birds of a Feather 2025 Outerspace Living 2025
Paradise 2025 The Outsiders 2025 The Outsiders 2025 Indoor Survival 2025
Indoor Survival Wide 2025 Spring Break Powder Twin 2025 Spring Break Resort Twin 2025 Ultrafear 2025
Pathfinder Camber 2025 Pathfinder Reverse Camber 2025 Space Metal Fantasy 2025 Mega Death 2025
Mega Merc 2025 Mega Splitboard 2025 Spring Break Powder Glider 2025 The Black Snowboard of Death 2025
Kazu Kokubo Pro 2025 Kazu Kokubo Pro Wide 2025 Mercury 2025 Spring Break Powder Racers 2025
Navigator 2025 Navigator 2025 Navigator Splitboard 2025 The Equalizer 2025
Spring Break Slush Slasher 2025 Children of the Pow 2025 Children of the Gnar 2025 Jess Kimura Mini 2025
Scott Stevens Mini 2025 Micro Mini 2025

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