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2023 Ski Preview

This collection will debut in 2022/2023.
Previewed at an "industry-only" event at the base of Snowbowl Ski Resort, AZ.

With some of these products as preseason, it feels like we are already well on the way to the new season. Next year's snowboards' and skis' technology and designs are becoming increasingly intertwined. We are now seeing our favorite designs across all of our favorite technology. Our most liked brands are putting such an incredible and unique spin on the culture, and we can't wait to see what drops next.

Information about these products is sparse. Is it new technology or simply just a re-wrap of some of our favorite boards? Some companies have dropped hints of their new tech, like the new Lib Tech Lost Retro Ripper snowboard's upgraded profile and the K2 Mindbender ski's new geometry. Although the tech remains the same that's tried and true, the new designs will force us to bite the bullet for our dream board or ski. Scroll down to see more.

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From jib skis with no edges to big mountain rockets with tons of carbon, Armada has certainly set out to diversify its product line. We are really impressed with the number of new additions in their line-up this year, as well as the fresh styling across the board.

The all-new Locator and Reliance series look to push the boundaries of all-mountain and touring performance.

Signature series collab's like the Whitewalker, BDog, and Edollo are looking extra fresh with some updated artwork on the top sheets. For the groms out there that are looking to keep up with the pros, the new Declivity Jr is sure to make an impact.

What’s New?

  • Reliance series offers big mountain performance
  • Locator series brings more versatility to a backcountry set-up
  • junior big mountain and powder skis, built just like the adult versions

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Atomic this year is really leaning into the Bent Chetler line-up. They have expanded the line to appeal to more people and skier types, all the way from pro-big-mountain riders to the next generation trying out skis for the first time. Also noteworthy is the Backland series which will expand its lineup for women.

What’s New?

  • Bent Chetler line up expanded with new waist widths and an exclusive new model, along with a new mini and junior series for the kids
  • Redster and Cloud lineup get updates all around
  • women’s versions of the Backland

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Elan is bringing new updates to the table. The entire line of Ripsticks gets an overhaul this year, with improved geometry and more subtle features. The ladies can enjoy all-mountain performance upgrades on the Wildcat series. We are also most excited about hot-dogging some Glen Plake pro model skis for the first time.

What’s New?

  • Glen Plake Signature Model- Ripstick Tour 104
  • Porsche designed on-piste skis using some of the most advanced tech on the market
  • design overhauls on all the Ripsticks, Wildcats, and Junior skis

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Head has put in the work this year and is listening to their pro athletes. They’re adding needed performance elements to many of their skis, and removing unnecessary clutter. Their improved engineering promises a much more eco-friendly manufacturing process, higher quality products, and packaging. Head is leading the pack with innovation and is really leaning into their Energy Management Circuit (EMC) technology. You should look out for it on all the Shape and Super Shape skis going forward. If you want to go fast, EMC is for you.

What’s New?

  • EMC will stand out on much of the high-performance and race line-up
  • the Oblivion line will be able to take a beating with new reinforcements and more durable construction
  • Kore Series gets optimization and performance updates

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K2 has some of the best-looking and top-performing skis this year. Across the board, we see some pretty rad top sheets and styles. Looks aside, there are some pretty big construction improvements. The biggest and most noticeable are the improvements to the Titanal Y-Beam and Carbon Spectral Braids in the Mindbenders. These enhancements make them more stable, quicker to turn, and exceptionally maneuverable. K2 is also bringing a whole new line of products for those that like it steep and deep with the Dispatch Series. There will be an assortment of new boots that fully tilt the scales in their favor.

What’s New?

  • construction and geometry overhaul for the Mindbenders
  • all-new Dispatch free/tour collection, along with all-new touring boots to match
  • kids get a dedicated touring ski with the Wayback Jr

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Line brings a whole new ski to the party this year. The Blade Optic blends together technology from two of Line’s most progressive skis, the Blades and the Visions. Combining the shape of the Vision with the Gas Pedal Metal construction of the Blade creates a ski that tears up big mountain and blazes down the groomers.

What’s New?

  • all new Blade Optic, a “best of both worlds” ripper

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