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Dalbello Men's Lupo Air 110 Ski Boot 2020-2021

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Original price $900.00
Original price $699.95 - Original price $900.00
Original price $900.00
Current price $699.95
$699.95 - $699.95
Current price $699.95
SKU 454324
Size: 28.5

Product Details

The ultra-light freeride touring boot with a weight of only around 1, 300 g and a slightly softer flex. The revolutionary, tongue-free design using an innovative Grilamid Air material mix offers a convenient and functional step-in and outstanding, uncompromising performance on descents.

The first choice for demanding freeride tourers looking for low weight, first-rate performance on descents, and a slightly more comfortable flex. The cable fastening system not only reduces the weight but also improves handling on the mountain. The ultra-light IF Air liner offers excellent comfort, optimum hold, and outstanding power transfer. The Lupo Air feels as light as a feather but still transfers all of the wearer's energy to the edge thanks to the wide Hyper Band and interlock system. Vibram® profiled soles allow significantly more comfort and grip when walking or climbing.


  • Ski Boots
  • Men's Specific
  • Freeride Tour Collection
  • Cabrio Design
  • GripWalk
  • Contour 4
  • IF Liner
  • Lupo IF Air
  • Hyperband Wide Profile Cuff Closure
  • Dynalink Heel Retention System
  • Thermal Insulated Bootboard
  • Replacement Toe / Heel Protector
  • Touring Norm with Tech Insert (PIN)
  • Hike & Ride Mechanism
  • Micro Buckles
  • Top Cuff Ratchet Buckle Closure
  • Cuff Movement (Fore 40o / Back 27o)
  • Low Cuff Hinge Point
  • GripWalk Premounted
  • RIDER LEVEL: Advanced - Professional
  • TERRAIN: Off Piste
  • FLEX: 110
  • LAST: 100 mm
  • MATERIAL: Grilamid FE / Polyamide Composite
  • LINER: Lupo IF Air
  • BUCKLE: Cable Buckle
  • STRAP: Power Strap 40 mm
  • WEIGHT: 1346, 00 g
  • STYLE#: D1907003.00
  • CABRIO DESIGN: Dalbello's unique Cabrio construction combines a boot shell/boot cuff assembly with an external Kinetic Response Tongue closure which enables a smoother and progressive power transmission same as great shock absorption. Furthermore the long range of flex and a dynamic rebound are characteristic of the Cabrio Construction. Besides the Kinetic Response Tongue, the Dynalink heel retention, the Hike/Ride mechanism and the Inverted Forefoot Buckles are matching perfectly together to make this construction the best versatile and flexible partner in all kind of terrain, especially the backcountry and the park!
  • GRIPWALK: The new sole-binding system for walking comfort and skiing performance, available in 90% of the Dalbello ski boots collection.
  • GripWalk contains a new co-polymer sole with rocker profile. The convex shape and ribbed tread of the rubber add a lot of walking comfort and provide a much better grip. GripWalk soles are the perfect tuning parts designed for 90% of the Dalbello boot collection and don't require any height adjustment at GripWalk bindings.
  • CONTOUR 4: Exclusive Dalbello construction technology that maps the anatomical contours of the foot.
  • Exclusive Dalbello construction technology that maps the anatomical contours of the foot to create subtle "comfort zones" at 4 critical fit points: ankle, heel, 5th metatarsal, & navicular. Relief contours molded into the inside lower shell at these 4 points provide a close and accurate fit and minimize the need for shell modifications.
  • IF LINER: Instant fit at the very first step in. In addition all IF liners are 40 - 80 % thermo formable.
  • IF Liner means Instant Fit Liner and stands exactly for this - instant fit at the very first step in! In addition all IF liners are thermo formable in a certain area (40 - 80 %, depending on the model) in only 4 minutes of heating to reach precise and individual fitting with a great memory effect.
  • > Tongue design liner
  • > Factory pre-formed for step-in
  • > 100% custom heat moldable
  • > Ultralon Eva foam
  • > Multi layer construction with MD & HD Ultralon Foam
  • HYPERBAND WIDE PROFILE CUFF CLOSURE: UNIQUE DALBELLO DESIGN. Low friction, wide profile shin pad closure securely wraps the upper part of the boot cuf with a wide profile, high leverage cuff closure buckle assembly. Smooth flexing design is highly shock absorbing for maximum boot-top comfort with NO "SHIN-BANG" or, NO "SHIN-BITE"
  • DYNALINK HEEL RETENTION SYSTEM: The Dynalink heel retention is an independently functioning heel / instep closure assembly which minimizes foot sliding, heel lift and boot shell distortion during the flex effectively.
  • > Independently functioning heel /instep closure assembly
  • > Minimizes foot sliding, heel lift and boot shell distortion during flex effectively
  • THERMAL INSULATED BOOTBOARD: The super light bootboard offers great power transmission to the ski while keeping the boot thermo insulated.
  • REPLACEMENT TOE / HEEL PROTECTOR: Patented Toe-Heel inserts for lighter, more durable ski-boots. High density special compound insert provide outstanding durability in any heavy usage.
  • TOURING NORM WITH TECH INSERT (PIN): All Lupo models may be used with ISO 9523 Alpine Touring Norm bindings due to their tech inserts. By changing the rockered soles to the interchangeable alpine soles the boots fit in all alpine bindings as well but are not certified ISO 5355.
  • HIKE & RIDE MECHANISM: As the burly cuff lock mechanism frees the upper cuff from the lower shell a long range of motion for functional hiking and climbing is guaranteed. Due to the unique Cabrio design it doesn't contain any compromises on the skiing performance.
  • MICRO BUCKLES: Permits skiers to precisely "fine tune" buckle closure tension for a more exact fit. With micro adjustment, you can twist the buckle to make it longer or shorter.
  • TOP CUFF RATCHET BUCKLE CLOSURE: Screw mounted buckles to allow easy and quick replacement. 140 mm ratchet strap allows extra high volume Cuff to comfortably accommodate hard to fit leg shapes.
  • CUFF MOVEMENT (FORE 40° / BACK 27°): Forward and Backward lean for the boots
  • LOW CUFF HINGE POINT: High leverage cuff assembly with hinge points mounted approximately 10 cm lower than standard construction boot designs.
  • The LOW HINGING CUFF permits the boot cuff to more easily follow the natural anatomic movement of the skier's legs because it has a longer range of forward and rearward hinging motion. For more efficient walking and gliding. Increased power and control with less energy.
  • GRIPWALK PREMOUNTED: Better walking comfort and more grip - that's the big benefit of this boot mounted with GripWalk soles! These new soles are compatible with GripWalk specific bindings (marked with the GripWalk icon) without any height adjustment and can also be skied with touring bindings (ISO 13992). They are not compatible with regular alpine bindings (ISO norm 9462).

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