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2023 Snowboard Preview

This collection will debut in 2022/2023.
Previewed at an "industry-only" event at the base of Snowbowl Ski Resort, AZ.

With some of these products as preseason, it feels like we are already well on the way to the new season. Next year's snowboards' and skis' technology and designs are becoming increasingly intertwined. We are now seeing our favorite designs across all of our favorite technology. Our most liked brands are putting such an incredible and unique spin on the culture, and we can't wait to see what drops next.

Information about these products is sparse. Is it new technology or simply just a re-wrap of some of our favorite boards? Some companies have dropped hints of their new tech, like the new Lib Tech Lost Retro Ripper snowboard's upgraded profile and the K2 Mindbender ski's new geometry. Although the tech remains the same that's tried and true, the new designs will force us to bite the bullet for our dream board or ski. Scroll down to see more.

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Arbor snowboards have made plenty of improvements and additions to their lineup this year. We are stoked about Bryan Iguchi’s newest pro model- the Satori. This volume shift board is a resort ripper for sure. It’s stellar in the park, trees, groomers', and anywhere else you can ride it. This model will also be available in a split and grom version.

Another new splitboard from Arbor is the Landmark Split. Aside from being one of the best-looking boards in the line-up this year, the Landmark promises the best quality craftsmanship and technology that Arbor has to offer. Expect this backcountry board to be reactive and poppy, while maintaining a smooth and unified feel that other splitboards lack.

What’s New?

  • SATORI - a new pro-model shaped by Brian Iguchi
  • LANDMARK SPLIT - a stylish and poppy backcountry ripper

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Ski Pro picked up Bataleon in the fall of 2021 and we have been so impressed with the products that they offer. This year, Bataleon introduces more things to love.

Bataleon is expanding their “+” series boards next year with high-end editions of popular boards like the Goliath, Evil Twin, and the Disaster. These boards will see insane lightweight constructions full of carbon and super-fast base material. Be prepared as they will be ready to rip.

The Cruiser is a new edition to the lineup this year. This board features a super setback stance and a rather lengthy nose. The board uses some of Bataleons best construction and materials along with a very fast base. Making it an easy board to ride in any condition. Those of us that got to ride it were blown away by the amount of speed it can generate on hardpack.

The Party Wave gets a new party companion this coming season, the Party Wave Twin. The Twin will bring a freestyle emphasis to this volume shift series, while also handling the deepest of powder days like a champ.

What’s New?

  • “+” editions of the Goliath, Evil Twin, and Disaster
  • the “Cruiser”, a new rocket ship in a class of its own
  • Party Wave Twin shape

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Capita is world-renowned for clean energy use. The mothership has proved to be the gold standard for zero impact manufacturing in the snowsports industry. This year they are taking it further by investing in making their manufacturing process even more efficient and less wasteful.

Although there are not many “new” models from Capita this year, they have focused on making minor improvements to their already fantastic line-up. There is one exception, however. All the kids out there should be stoked to see the newest addition to the Capita collection: The Children of the Pow. This board is specially designed for the pre-teen shredder who's looking to destroy every powder stash on the mountain.

Another change is in the adult lineup this year for the Slush Slasher. This board is getting a tighter sidecut radius, a little more camber between the feet, and mellowed out swallowtail. All these combine to allow this board to perform more like a big mountain carver while maintaining its float on deep pow days.

What’s New?

  • Children of the Pow grom powder board
  • Slush Slasher redesign
  • new wide sizes for the Mega Merc

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Forrest Bailey shines this year with the introduction of the 4x4, a new directional, all-terrain, big-mountain ripper. This pro-model board is poppy and craving for intense lines at any resort. Jamie Anderson also gets an update on her pro model, the Free Spirit. The board gets a slightly new shape and more sizes. GNU will also feature two new split boards: the Barrett and the Banked Country.

What’s New?

  • Forest Bailey’s Pro Model- The 4x4
  • Jamie Anderson’s Free spirit gets an update
  • two new splitboard models, Barrett & Banked Country

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Lib Tech

Lib Tech has already released and distributed three 2023 boards: the Rasman, the Golden Orca, and the T. Rice Pro. So far we love all three boards and the way they ride. The Rasman is particularly fun as a do-it-all freestyle shape, with a super aggressive C2x profile.

Jamie Lynn releases a new shape this year: the Jamie Lynn ‘69. This retro throwback is a bit more freestyle-oriented than others that he has shaped. We are stoked to get this board out in the park and natural pipes at the resort.

This year, Lib Tech will also update the Lost Retro Ripper and the Quiver Killer. The boards will both be shaped slightly differently to provide some performance enhancements. The Retro Ripper’s top sheet makes the board a complete work of art that needs to be hung above the mantle in our winter cabin.

What’s New?

  • Jamie Lynn ‘96
  • big updates to the Lost Retro Ripper and Quiver Killer

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Never Summer

Never Summer brings triple camber to the women’s line-up this year with the all-new Lady FR. This board features a new all-mountain profile with tons of grip and plenty of float. The high-performance triple camber fusion profile makes this board smooth and capable. We will also see a new freestyle shape with the women’s Protoslinger. The board is a little softer and more playful. It will excel in the park with its shockwave RC profile. Finally, the men will get an “ultra all-mountain twin” with the introduction of the Protoultra featuring Never Summer’s triple camber profile.

What’s New?

  • LADY FR - Directional all-mountain freeride built for the ladies
  • women’s version of the PROTOSLINGER, a freestyle asym twin
  • all new PROTOULTRA- A high-performance all-mountain twin

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Ride is focusing on expanding their unisex line-ups this year with expanded size runs on many of their fantastic products, as well a couple of brand new additions. The Peace Seeker is a sick-looking directional gun with tons of camber and float in the nose. We are sure this board will rip up powder stashes and blaze down groomers. Alternatively, the new Shadowban is a much more mellow addition to the line-up. This board features a pretty classic shape with added carbon and double-stacked impact plates that create a mellow, chatter-free ride in any conditions.

What’s New?

  • Peace seeker - an aggressive tapered directional
  • Shadowban - a new mellow directional twin
  • some welcome updates to their boots and bindings.
  • full size runs on many of their boards!

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Salomon probably takes the cake for the number of new releases for the 2023 season. New board shapes, boots, and bindings are coming in hot!

The name of the game this year is sustainability, and modern environmentally friendly constructions. Both are integrated into every aspect of their engineering. Many of the product lines will feature bio-engineered and recycled materials in the construction, as well as much more eco-friendly packaging.

In terms of new products that Salomon will offer, there is a lot to cover. Front-and-center is the new Abstract snowboard. This unisex style features crisp artwork from the one and only Desiree Melancon. The Abstract promises to be one of the most versatile boards in the line with a mid-flex true twin shape and plenty of pop.

The Highpath snowboard is a new creation that has Salomon's most sustainable construction. The board promises to be the pinnacle of design for high-end, all-mountain performance boards. The stiff flex and C/FX basalt popster core will make for a super stable, high-speed ride for any condition.

Fans of the highly regarded Super-8 should be stoked for the next introduction. The Super 8 Pro is one of the most stable and agile boards in Salomon’s pro lineup. The board gets an all-new base material, basalt reinforcement, and a slight volume shift. These upgrades make for better float, more power, and a huge pop.

Wolle Nyvelt is back with a new shape under the Hillside Project brand. The HPS Wolle Nyvelt Fish is a pretty unique shape with 20mm of taper and a fish-like split tail. As you could imagine, this board is built for deep pow and huge carves. What’s not to love?

What’s New?

  • Abstract - a new freestyle board designed for everyone
  • Super 8 Pro - better construction with added basalt and a new base material
  • High path - eco friendly and high performing quiver killer
  • HPS Wolle Nyvelt Fish
  • a shrunken Dancehall for the kiddos
  • tons of new and updated boots and bindings.

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