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Free Shipping on Orders Over $50!

Ronix Men's Vault BWF Wakeboard 2021

By Ronix
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SKU 440345
Size: 134

Product Details


A shape that recognizes your shoulders and hips are not always parallel in wake boarding.

A range that recognizes wakeboarding is the only board sport where your hips and shoulders aren't always parallel. Your body is crossed up riding toeside, and more inline riding heelside, and every aspect of the Vault takes this into consideration for the proper building block of wakeboarding. Now, regardless of a toeside or a heelside cut, a rider feels more secure with their approach.


  • Men's Specific
  • Water Sports Collection
  • Boat Wakeboard
  • 3-Stage Rocker
  • 2 Fiberglass 1.7" Hook Fins
  • 2 Molded-in Fins
  • Thinner, Sharper Toeside Rail
  • Fuller, Vertical Heelside Rail
  • BWF: Blank with Fins
  • RIDING STYLE: Boat, Entry Level to Intermediate
  • CONSTRUCTION: Heelside, Toeside
  • ROCKER: 3-Stage
  • ENERGY: Neutral: 4
  • SIZES (cm): 134cm, 139cm, 144cm
  • HEIGHT (in): 2.5"(134cm), 2.6"(139cm), 2.7"(144cm)
  • STANCE (in): 19.5-25.5"(134cm), 21-27"(139cm), 22-28"(144cm)
  • WEIGHT (lbs): Up to 175 lbs(134cm), 170+ lbs (139cm), 175+ lbs (144cm)
  • SURFACE AREA (sq in): 781 sq in(134cm), 830 sq in(139cm), 869 sq in(144cm)
  • CENTER (in): 16.7"(134cm), 16.9"(139cm), 17"(144cm)
  • ROCKER: The curvature of a board from tip to tail has been predominantly labeled either continuous or 3-stage. These opposing arcs will determine if a board has a smoother/faster transition up the wake with a longer flight pattern, or a more abrupt vertical snap off the wake. This has to do with where the transition of the rocker line happens relative to the center of board. If the major arc happens closer to the center of the board usually making 1 big constant curve, it is called continuous rocker. When boards have more of a flat spot in the center of the board, then the major arc happens later in the board closer to the tip/tail of the board it is referred to as a 3-stage rocker.
  • 3-STAGE: An exaggerated rocker line with a later arc and a higher degree provide a more straight up explosive pop. This style of rocker creates more of an instant explosive buck off the wake (combine that with our I-Beam core to experience everything a wake has to offer), for riders that go behind a big boat wake. Wakeboarders riding behind smaller wakes will still feel like they are getting a solid kick as well.
  • ENERGY: Flex doesn't mean anything if you don't have a reaction. From making the first compression molded wakeboard, first altered flex board, until now, we have been solely focused on improving the energy of a wakeboard. We have used countless foams, woods and Honeycomb, all mixed with every concoction of glass and carbon we could get our hands on. Where does the board store energy, for how long, and when does it return?
  • NEUTRAL: Doesn't have the radioactive amplitude of instant energy, or the delayed snow style kick of its other stored energy confidant. Instead neutral energy prefers to sit quietly in the middle of take off purgatory - not too quick, not too late. Nothing wrong with riding with sans stigma.
  • M6 INSERTS: The Euros have it figured out. A higher thread count means more hold on a shallower depth. So now we can go to thinner profiled boards with a shorter insert without sacrificing boot lock down. The result is boards with more feel and contact on the water.

***Actual product may differ/vary slightly from image displayed. ***

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