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Free Shipping on Orders Over $50!

G3: Genuine Guide Gear Alpinist Climbing Skins 2016-2017

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SKU 338771
Color: 100MM

Product Details

All ALPINIST skins are updated for 2016/2017 with re-engineered, lower profile stainless steel hands that provide even better ski fit and further reduced tip-catch.

What: The most versatile, go-anywhere climbing skin for all conditions

Who: Versatile enough for everyone with optimal glide, traction, glue, and attachments


  • Climbing Skins
  • Innovative, laminated tip connector with new low profile, self-aligning stainless steel hands for a secure, lightweight connection on any ski shape. Patent US8474853.
  • -30°C/-22°F
  • Unlike most other skins, G3's proprietary skin adhesive is formulated to be fully functional down to -22 F/-30 C. You'll notice it when you need it the most.
  • G3's proprietary adhesive does not use or produce any toxic or environmentally harmful ingredients during the manufacturing process. Feel safe and comfortable when using and working with G3 skins - we do!
  • A fast finish that provides ultra gliding performance unmatched by any other climbing skin without compromising traction.
  • Reduces skin-to-skin adhesion, making it easier to pull apart skins. If your glue gets contaminated on an epic traverse, you can remove the ripstrip for extra adhesion.
  • G3's durable hydrophobic waterproof treatment keeps the skins dry, preventing dreaded "ice clumping". Expect fewer frustrations and far less fatigue while touring through multiple temperature zones.
  • G3 climbing skins use a new waterproofing treatment that does not harm the environment. Enjoy winter and preserve your natural surroundings while using your new and improved G3 climbing skins.
  • So simple, so helpful. With a double-blade design, ergonomic grip and built-in offset, G3's famous climbing skin trim tool quickly and easily trims skins for a perfect fit. Patent US8844963.
  • G3's patented connection system allows the convenience of owning a pair of skins that will match the length of more than just one splitboard or pair of skis. Reliably connect with up to 16cm of length adjustability.
  • G3's low profile laminated tail strap now makes transitions even faster and easier. It's refined shape and unique 'pop up' feature allows for effortless changes - with your gloves on! The over centre camming clip stays positioned on the tail strap, reduces tail strap wear and allows for easier adjustments.
  • Proudly manufactured in Canada, right at G3's head office in Burnaby, BC. Just minutes away, the BC mountains provide the perfect
  • testing and proving ground for every new skin feature or fabric that leaves our office.
  • SHORT: 153-169cm
  • MEDIUM: 168-184cm
  • LONG: 183-199cm
  • GRIP: Better
  • What: Grip is how well your skins grab the snow surface while climbing. More grip is typically achieved with stronger, more densely packed fibers in the skin's weave.
  • Who: Users who prioritize grip include those in high traffic areas with worn-in and/or icy skin tracks, those who prefer to cut steeper skin tracks, and new users not as experienced in the nuances of skinning technique.
  • GLIDE: Better
  • What: Glide is the skin's ability to slide over snow as you move forward. More glide is achieved with smoother or fewer fibers or by using low-friction materials. Better glide results in greater efficiency, less fatigue, and bigger days.
  • Who: Users who prioritize glide include more experienced tourers with strong uphill technique and those on long, rolling terrain with fewer steep climbs, looking for increased efficiency.
  • WEIGHT: Better
  • What: Weight refers to how light or heavy a skin is on your skis or in your pack. Weight can be trimmed by using lighter or less material. Users can also cut weight by trimming appropriately for their ski and style. Lower weight is a key component to efficient touring, less fatigue, and faster ascents.
  • Who: Users who prioritize weight include weight-conscious ski tourers and ski mountaineers.

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