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An Inline Skate Overview

"In-line skating is the official term for the sport commonly called 'rollerblading' or simply 'blading.' The commonly misused term of 'rollerblading' is due to the company called Rollerblade. Rollerblade wasn't the first to produce in-lines, but managed to popularize in-lines faster and farther than anyone previously (in the States anyway)."

Categories of Skate
In general, there are four major categories of inline skate:

Protective Gear
Regardless of the sport you chose, your budget should include protection: knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads and a helmet. These "pads" vary from sport to sport, but all should have a hard plastic shell and should be hard enough to protect you from the asphalt when you fall and slide. Some good brands of protection include the Rollerblade and Triple8 lines of accessories. For helmets, any well-fitting ANSI/Snell approved helmet should be fine.

"The skate fit should be comfortable but snug. Unlike hiking or running shoes, it's OK for your toes to be loosely in contact with the front of the boot. Unless you have a background of speed skating, beginning skaters should avoid the 5-wheel skates. The problem isn't with the inherent speed of the skates, but maneuverability and flexibility are sacrificed for the sake of racing performance, so turns and other maneuvers require more commitment. The 5-wheelers are great fun, but master the fundamentals on a shorter wheelbase first."

Renting Skates
You may wish to rent skates before buying. Ski Pro will discount part of the rental from purchase price if you buy skates later. Our skates are genuine Rollerblade skates with the active breaking system.