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Recreational / Fitness Inline Skates

Recreational/fitness skaters find that inline skating gives a great cardiovascular workout. The sport is ideal for persons who do not want to run, or for those who need a low-impact regimen. In addition to being fun, skating also exercises the quads, lower back, abdomen and lower body. The recreational/fitness skater may incorporate an upper body workout by using handheld weights.

Inline skating is also excellent for snow-ski cross-training. Although it is seen less these days than in the 80’s, some skaters increase the carryover to ski by using inline poles for timing, increased hand-eye coordination, and for creating correct balance point. But expect lots of stares if you decide to try this. Even without poles, you’ll notice the positive difference in your skiing ability if you stay in shape in the off season by inline skating.

Recreational skate boots have more lateral support than aggressive skate boots, and are usually either 3 buckle hard-shell or a lace-up soft shell. The focus for these skates is on fit and comfort.

Recreational frames are 4 wheel, made from nylon or aluminum, and some are carbon-reinforced. A larger wheel (72-80mm) gives a smoother ride than a smaller wheel (such as those used in aggressive skate). The larger the wheel diameter, the more distance per revolution—allowing the skater to skate faster and farther with less energy.

Estimates are that approximately 80% of inline skaters fall into the recreational/fitness category. Skate prices are typically from $109 to $309.