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Racing Inline Skates

Race skate can be either slalom or speed. In Arizona, most races are for speed. Speed skates typically have 5 wheel frames with relatively large wheels (80mm). As with recreational/fitness skates, the larger the wheel diameter, the more distance per revolution, and the longer and faster a skater can go with less energy. Most races are sponsored by locally organized teams or organizations. Locally, race skate makes up perhaps 1% of the skate market.

The race skate usually has a low-cut boot for freedom of movement, allowing the skater to work more energy into the skate with the ankle. Frames are lighter, and typically aluminum. Most racers use a full carbon composite boot, and some opt for custom inline skate boots. These skates can be very expensive, from approximately $400 to $600. And it is not unheard of for really hardcore racers to spend $1,000 or more. (Of course, these are the ones who shave their legs so it’s easier to dig the gravel out after a fall.) Really high-end race skates are rarely carried in inventory, but Ski Pro/Ski Chalet can fit for and will special order skates for the speed racer. The company is also an active promoter of races such as the New Times Skate Race (usually in November in Phoenix) and the Run of the Mill (usually held in April in Tempe).